Tips On Choosing The Type Of Wood And Caring Your Furniture

Wooden furniture is the best among varieties of furniture. It adds beauty to our house. The carvings, embossed designs, and the shiny look make it perfect for home use. There are various types of wood and the quality of each wood vary from one another. Like the fingerprints of humans which make them unique, the characteristics of each wood vary from one another which makes the wood unique.

Here are few types of wood and their characteristics which make them unique.

White Ash Wood: This type of wood has excellent bending characteristics. Due to this feature, these are used in many bent furniture parts to provide natural strength. The wood comes in different colors like white, gray, light brown, reddish brown and so on.

Beech Wood: This type of wood also has the bending characteristics but they are not attractive like that of White ash wood. So these are used in bends that are not seen outside. Sides of the drawer,  legs of tables and chairs and similar other places. The price is not much expensive but it is really hard to work on it without any use of hand tools.

Basswood: It is a common hard wood. It has fine and closer grains. These are used along with other high-quality woods while making furniture. Butterwood: This type of wood is light brown and sometimes have reddish streaks. The grains have a leaf like an appearance. They are light and are very easy to work with hand tools. Cedar: Cedar is a soft wood. These are light red with streaks on it. These woods have a distinct smell and it is good in repelling insects. These are good for chests and closets.

 American elm: This type of wood has got excellent bending quality and it is used in almost all furniture making. This wood has contrasting light and dark areas. The color varies from light brown to dark brown or sometimes have red streaks. Oak: It is a common hardwood and is known for its strength. This wood provides a rich look and the color may vary from grayish brown and red. This type of wood is used in modern furniture.
The above list has description only for few of the wood types available in the market. There are much more like Teak, Maple, Pecan, Mahogany, Pine, Redwood, Rosewood, and so on.

So, when you are going to purchase furniture or planning for a custom design cupboard at home, choose the best wood type to design it well. Though the wooden furniture is long lasting, one must take immense care about the furniture.
Here are few tips to take care of your furniture
Use a dry and soft cotton cloth to clear the dust on furniture. It is important to wipe out the dust regularly to keep them neat and clean.

Do not place very hot or cold objects on the furniture.It may spoil the smooth texture of the furniture. Prolong exposure to sunlight may affect the furniture. The color may fade out and the furniture may loose its texture and quality. So, use table cloths and window covering at places where there is a possibility of sunlight exposure.

The color of the wood may change as the year passes. For example, Pine and oak tend to turn golden color as it ages whereas cherry wood tends to darken in time. Similar to dusting, it is better to rewax or re-oil the furniture once in six months to maintain its quality. The shine of the wood may reduce with time.So, it is better to take care of it by re-oiling or re-waxing.

When the furniture appears dull, it is better to clean and brighten the shine using furniture polish.For a quick touch up, use shoe polish scratches. To clean the metal hardware on the furniture, take it out of the furniture and give it a fine metal polishing before replacing it on the furniture. Do not assume that your job is done on purchasing the best quality furniture for your home. It is equally important to maintain the furniture. So, take time to care for your awesome furniture to let it last for long.