Our Mission

Our company was formed by people who have vast experience in furniture making, retailing, marketing, Information Technology, legal and logistics.

They all came together a couple of decades back and decided to do a marriage of wooden furniture and the internet.

Thus, our company was born with the front end of a webpage and backend as a wooden furniture manufacturing unit.

Our mission is to be the best wooden furniture manufacturer and distributor in the country and to have a piece of our manufacturing in every home.

In order to achieve our mission, we provide various services as listed below

  1. Online Support: We have a strong online support team that answers to any queries that you might have on purchasing or installing wooden furniture. We have both chat facilities on our website as well as phone support during normal business hours.
  2. Customer Support: Understanding the customer needs is important and this we achieve by even having our experts visit your home and guide you on what would be the ideal furniture for your home. We customize any of our standard models as per your needs and wood type.
  3. Maintenance: We provide free maintenance or repair for any of our products except for normal wear and tear.
  4. Facilities: We ensure that our IT team maintains the website in a good state. We regularly update the new models and products that are on sale. Security is an important aspect since you purchase directly on our website, we assure you that your data is safe as we have all the latest cyber security techniques incorporated.
  5. Innovation: We try to bring out new and latest models and we also have developed recently a mobile application so that you can browse and buy directly from mobile. Our products are also available on leading e-commerce sites.

Thus we are focussed to provide you the best facilities to buy wooden furniture.